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Santorini weather is best described as dry in summer and mild in winter. This kind of climate that Santorini enjoys is due to the islands’ geographic location: Santorini sits on the southern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The fact that the islands were formed around a volcano has a lot to do with the Santorini weather as well.

The general mildness of the weather in Santorini all year round makes these islands the perfect holiday getaway anytime of the year.

Summer in Santorini, perhaps more correctly called the dry season, lasts from May to October. The weather in Santorini during the dry season is characterised by continuous bright sunshine that lasts for 12 hours throughout the day.

Temperature averages between 22.5 to 30°C when the dry season reaches its peak in July. The temperature usually drops after sundown, however, and this promises cool summer nights in Santorini.

Because it is the dry season, it is naturally to be expected that there would be no rainfall in Santorini during the summer months.

Santorini, Greece


Partly Cloudy

Feels Like: 64°F

Humidity: 83%

Wind: NW 6 mph

Hour-by-hour | 10-day

Santorini, like all Cyclades islands, does not get that much rainfall. Nonetheless, isolated rain showers do occur, but even when the rains come in summer, the sunny weather in Santorini is rarely broken.

The winter months in Santorini run from November to April. The season is typically more referred to as the wet season, but only because it gets more rainfall during these months. While it is possible for the weather in Santorini during the wet season to be rainy for an entire week, the days are generally sunny. The wettest months of Santorini are January and February.

During the wet season, the temperature varies from 10 to 15°C or even higher. It becomes colder at night and the sun is up for only six to seven hours. The temperature is lower in the higher regions of Santorini, but frost is almost nonexistent

Sunny days and mild weather are blessings given to the island of Santorini. It is a blessing that many people visit the islands for throughout the year.